Flannel Szn

IMG_3121-2IMG_3128-2IMG_3151-2It’s November! I can’t believe that it’s literally 🎄Christmas🎄 already. However, in New York we got a heat wave randomly so it was 70 degrees for a few days. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the summer. But there is reason I chose to live in New York and not California. GIVE ME MY SNOW!11880000

Regardless of the climate change that is affecting me and my snowy cuddle days watching Love Actually and crying my lonely heart out, I decided that this would be a perfect day to revamp my Halloween costume ($10 goes to the first person who can guess what I was. It’s gonna be soooo hard 😉😂😏)

Anyways, I love this look because it takes #FlannelSzn to a whole new level with the cut off sleeves (shoutout to H&M for always making me spend all of my money 😭😍😭). This shirt (similar) is amazing and I love how it is different from what is expected with flannels. It’s like I’m dropping hints that I’m shook.


Since it was ungodly warm outside for November, I had to pull out my shorts again that I had put away in storage for the winter 😑😒. But I got my slightly distressed jean shorts from PacSun (on sale obv 💁‍♂️). And like I said before, I am obsessed with Adidas. It may be unhealthy, but 🤷‍♂️ oh well. Since the jeans were a lighter grey/black, I went with my grey Adidas Swift Runs. I love these things. They are so comfortable I finally don’t have blisters or sore feet for once with a pair of shoes! Sometimes beauty isn’t pain 😱. What a concept.

Until next time, I am going to be binge-watching Stranger Things 2 about twelve times 😍😅😍

💙 Sean


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