The first thing I knew I needed in my wardrobe revamp were some new shirts. And a lot of them. T-shirts are the problem I have had the most this summer. My closet is mainly filled with colored shorts and only one white tee and one black tee. I needed more shirts and a lot more variety of the basics because too many times I would look at my closet and stand there like


So naturally, I went onto one of my favorite sites, Boohoo. Great quality clothes for amazing deals. After getting distracted and window shopping for hours, I finally found myself what I needed: a nice 5 pack of basic tees to start out the new school year (and some really cute overalls I couldn’t pass up).

I didn’t know what to expect with the overalls but I put them on and fell in love. You can expect to see some future purchases of some more overalls. And the five pack of shirts was such a good deal I have my eye out for some more too. I’m so excited about redoing my wardrobe I don’t think my wallet is ready.


Getting this package just made so excited for not only my new closet but for the new school year as well. I am confident already in my growing and adapting style. More packages are on their way and I have a lot of ideas inside of my head. Can’t wait to show y’all soon!

Until next time! 😀

❤ S


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