Hey y’all!

My name is Sean and I currently going into my sophomore year of college out in Long Island. I have always thought about creating a blog but the reason I am starting now is because I am trying to revamp my style. I went through this phase in the end of high school and that prepared me well for starting school out in New York, but I think that it’s time for another refresh of my closet.

Currently my style, for me, seems to be very high school and has a lot of American styles (Hollister shorts like the ones above, American Eagle tees, and some Forever 21 thrown in here and there). Over the past year I have found my love for street styles and European styles like H&M, Zara, and Asos.

So this new school year for me I am going to be refreshing my closet (and so I am selling a lot of my older clothes). I want this blog to serve as a journal for my journey as I grow and discover new things about my own style and hope to help you find your own!

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Until next time :]



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